“A Church that does not go out of itself, sooner or later, sickens from the stale air of closed rooms”

Pope Francis’s message to his Argentinian Bishops here & below
“Mission” he notes, “is key to ministry”. “A Church that does not go out of itself, sooner or later, sickens from the stale air of closed rooms”. Pope Francis went on to concede that at times, like anyone else, in going out the Church risks running into accidents. But he added “I prefer a thousand times over a Church of accidents than a sick Church”.
Pope Francis said that the Church typically suffers from being self-referential, of only looking to and relying on itself. He spoke of a “narcissism that leads to a routine spirituality and convoluted clericalism” and prevents people from experiencing the sweet and comforting joy of evangelization.
Pope Francis concluded his letter with a special greeting to the Argentinian people, and a fraternal embrace for his fellow bishops asking them to pray so that “I do not grow proud and always know how to listen to what God wants and not what I want”. Link here
My thoughts:
People are naturally cliquey. They get drawn to like-minded people. People who have been through the same struggles or experiences. There is I think a danger in this “herd mentality”. People can lose their individuality & absorb the sicknesses of others adding to their own. If it continues long enough people, places, institutions & families all breakdown. This is not in itself all bad. Breakdown & collapse is good in the sense that it provides an opportunity to begin again in a fresh way remembering the lessons of the past & experience. One thing to bear in mind that restoration must involve healthy change. Not going back to the past as a remedial measure or coping strategy. 
“Insanity is doing the same thing over & over & expecting different results. “
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