Justin Welby and Martin Lewis’ mission to save Christmas

From God & Politics in the UK here

“Christmas becomes far more valuable when we accept that the gifts we give each other are nothing compared to God’s heavenly gift embodied in a baby. The greatest joy at Christmas cannot be bought with any amount of money. What looks worthless on the outside brings eternal satisfaction, but if we choose to place the shiny, glittery things at the centre of Christmas then no matter how much effort we put in or how much we spend, we will never come away fully satisfied and with any sense of perspective on what really matters easily lost.

If we are to avoid Christmas slipping further into a hellish orgy of spending that many dread, but feel they have no choice but to enter into, then the voices of restraint need to be allowed to speak. If Christmas leads to financial worries, debt, strained relationships and mental health problems, then something is very wrong and we need to say so.”

Link above. (By Gillan Scott)

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