On "Dry Masses" and "Clown Masses"

Someone blogging as Catholic Truth here writes:

We’ve been of this opinion for quite some time but we’d like to spell it out one more time, in words of one syllable: anyone who considers him/herself to be remotely “conservative” or “orthodox” but who is still refusing to break ranks, anyone who is still subscribing in any way whatsoever, under any pretext whatsoever, to a diocesan parish, is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

We would ask all non-Catholic visitors to this site to bear in mind that our fundamental purpose is to report the crisis in the Church and the world and to try to make sense of it, primarily in light of the Fatima apparitions here

I used to “follow” a priest who was a Fatimist. I personally have a devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, even naming our 10th child after Jacinta Marto. However, I’m not a Fatima Catholic ie the Church is not a Church according to Fatima.

On my previous post I mention Medjugorje. I suppose in a way I must have been a Medjugorje Catholic. Medjugorje is  unapproved whereas Fatima is approved. However the faithful are not bound to believe in Fatima.

The writer at Catholic Truth advises people to do a “dry Mass” if they can’t get to an Old Rite Mass. This involves reading the Missal – even saying the prayers of consecration. To me they are dissidents acting as priests and priestesses.

In the same way I personally think liturgical abuses along the lines of so-called clown Masses are invalid.

We must avoid extremes. Views are my own.
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6 Responses to On "Dry Masses" and "Clown Masses"

  1. Patricius says:

    Your views here seem very sound to me.

  2. Mary O'Regan says:

    Yes, Jackie I think you hit the nail on the head that we must 'avoid extremes'. In my early twenties, I was on the extreme side, but have really mellowed.

    I have no time or respect for the opinions of the so-called 'Catholic Truth' blogger. She writes 'in light' of Fatima, but no where in Our Lady's messages at Fatima does she tell people to avoid 'diocesan' parishes.

    We were asked, six times by Our Lady, to recite a daily Rosary, and this is one practice that I have stuck to. It actually helps us avoid extremes because if we say a devout Rosary everyday, then we are setting aside about 20 minutes of our time, which does not mean that we are neglecting our primary duties. On a day that is less busy, we might do more than one Rosary. But it's very calming and assuring to know that Our Lady gives us grace if we prioritise one Rosary a day.

  3. Thankyou Mary – you inspire me!

  4. Tony Flavin says:

    I find the problem to be extremists who don't realise they are extremists.

    The whole clown thing makes me rage, but in a gentle way.

  5. Maybe we are all a little extreme – in our own way 🙂

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